The General Motorcycle Insurance Reviews (Everything you should know)

The General is Nashville based an auto insurance agency, especially it provides standard motorcycle insurance for teen and young drivers with a history of traffic rule violations, poor credit, or a coverage lapse.

The General Motorcycle insurance always offers standard motorcycle insurance policy for high-risk drivers, but it doesn’t have as common coverage options as another’s insurers. In addition, The General provides affordable motorcycle insurance that other companies don’t. Their motorcycle insurance coverage options are charming and standard but this company may be a good selection for riders with accidents on record.

To purchase motorcycle insurance is a bit different than insuring auto coverage. While the maximum coverage options are similar, your motorcycle is determined to have certain types of coverage to The General. If you drive a dirt bike, cruiser or sport bike, and you want to know about the General motorcycle insurance coverage policy, stay with us at the end.

The General Motorcycle insurance reviews

The General standard motorcycle insurance coverage is available in 46 states and their policy is underwritten by Dairyland. It provides basic liability coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage for motorcycle insurance. In addition, The General insurance provides PIP (personal injury protection) and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

The General insurance offers a variety of motorcycle insurance policies for every rider, including sport bikes, electric motorcycles, dirt bikes, and even ATVs. It is typically interesting to work with high-risk riders, especially those who need an SR-22 coverage. The General doesn’t allow accident forgiveness with motorcycle insurance coverage. With motorcycle’s VIN (vehicle identification number) to get an insurance quote or buy a coverage policy from you can call 844-328-0306, visit their local office or go to their website.

Comfortable for high-risk driversAvailable in 46 states
Available online quoteLow coverage option

Type of The General Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

The General offers a lot of the bike insurance coverage options that may be the best choice for most drivers, such as standard basic liability coverage and full-coverage. However, The General’s doesn’t provide multiple coverage options as other companies.

Bodily injury liability coverageThe coverage pays for bodily injuries to others if you’re at fault in an accident. For example: If you crash into another driver or auto vehicle in a parking lot and they get a concussion. Your bodily injury liability coverage policy would kick in to pay for their medical cost, up to your limit.
Property damage liability coveragePays for repairs to other drivers’ damaged motorcycles or property where you are at fault in an accident.
Comprehensive CoverageYour Motorcycle Pays for repairs or replacement if your motorcycle is damaged against your will, such as if it is stolen or damaged by fire, vandalism or collision with an animal.
Collision CoverageIf your bike is damaged in a collision, it pays to repair or replace it.
Uninsured Motorist CoverageCovers lost wages, medical bills and bike repair costs if you’re hit by an uninsured or reckless rider, or if you’re hit by a car that doesn’t have bike insurance. If the motorcycle owner is unable to pay out of pocket, General will pay your expenses up to the policy limits.
Roadside assistanceIt may not be available with The General motorcycle insurance coverage. It’s also worth asking if aftermarket parts and modifications will be covered by your policy.

Cost of The General Motorcycle Insurance Policy Coverage

We learned from The General that motorcycle insurance can cost you $20 for basic liability coverage and an average annual cost of around $500. Because The General specialty provides auto insurance policy for high-risk drivers, so you can expect to pay a higher rate than average prices for coverage policy. Your clean driving record, credit score, history of accidents, type of motorcycle and where you live are all factors that may affect how much you pay for bike coverage with The General like other providers.

Factors of The General Motorcycle Insurance Cost Determine 

  • Rider Age: Statistically, most of the providers expect a higher premium rate from low age riders than older riders for a motorcycle insurance policy. Because, you know that teen or young riders are more likely to be involved in an accident. So your premium rate may be high if you are a young rider.
  • Where you live: Auto insurance is somewhat like a postcode lottery. Where the population density is high, the possibility of accidents or the stolen place is more likely to be stolen, then your premium rate may be higher than those who live in quiet, rural areas. Because in the village compared to the busy cities collision and accident possibility is high. 
  • Clean driving record and claims history: Your past riding and claim history is very important to The General. Each year you ride your motorcycle without making a claim on your insurance, so you can qualify for a year of NCD (no claims discount). This can reduce the cost of your bike insurance when you come to renew it. In addition, if you don’t have any penalty points on your driving license, you can get a low premium rate. 
  • Value of Motorcycle: If your motorcycle is expensive, the bike is likely to have a higher cost of any claims for damage and repairs, that means your insurance premium rate may be high. 
  • Mileage: Mileage is one of the primary factors used to calculate your premium rate. The more miles you ride your motorcycle, the more likely you are involved to have an accident. If you can reduce the number of miles you do each year, you may be able to reduce the insurance costs.  If you ride classic bikes are also likely to only be driven for touring or long drive, so the more mileage means a high premium as there’s high-risk of an accident. But parts  replacement can be hard and miscreant to come by, so this can raise the cost.
  • Make and model: A powerful superbike with high CC engine will cost more to insure than a street bike with a mid-range or common engine capacity and performance. If you have a 10cc bike, you could be paying $20 average for insurance coverage, but this rises to $500 if you have a 250cc bike.
  • How you use: If you occasionally or leisurely use your bike to commute to work, your premium rates may be lower than they use regularly. Because there are more possibilities of riding during rush hour to an accident.
  • Security Equipment: If your bike has huge security equipment installed, you can get a low premium rate for your motorcycle, such as: Theft protection alarm device etc.
  • Additional Multiple riders: If you add multiple high-risk riders to your policy coverage, for example: A learner rider or a teen sibling, your insurance would increase as the risk of accidents rises.

Average Cost of The General Motorcycle Insurance Coverage by State

The cost of General motorcycle insurance in the United States is estimated to be $20 per month or $500 annually on average. Your policy premium will be determined by several factors that above explore we.

StateAverage Monthly Cost
New York$29
New Jersey$20
New Mexico$42
North Dakota$28
North Carolina$20
New Hampshire$38
Rhode Island$45
South Carolina$49
South Dakota$28
West Virginia$28

The General Motorcycle Insurance Average Cost by Bike Type

The General motorcycle insurance policy average rate cruiser style bikes than sport motorcycle cost more than some of as much to insure. That’s minimum having an average Kelley Blue Book value of around three and a half times more. Similarly, touring motorcycle are more than 19% cheaper to insure than sport bikes, although they’re much more expensive to replace.

Bike TypeEngine CCValueMonthly Cost
Cruiser249 cc$4,699$128
Cruiser471 cc$6,499$175
Cruiser749 cc$7,599$160
Sport Bike399 cc$5,299$179
Sport Bike599 cc$11,499$612
Sport Bike937 cc$11,755$338
Scooter155 cc$3699$98
Scooter149 cc$4,199$124
Scooter150 cc$3,369$88
Touring Bike1,254 cc$16,945$275
Touring Bike1,744 cc$1,8925$230
Touring Bike1,833 cc$2,1670$340

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Compared The General motorcycle insurance by the others company

The annual difference in motorcycle insurance premiums between insurance companies is $288. The General’s cheapest bike insurance is $20 and $500 annually. National has the cheapest motorcycle insurance, which typically costs $49 per month and $593 per year. The most expensive company is Dairyland in the USA, which charges a minimum of $73 per month and $881 per year.

CompanyAverage Cost
The General$500

Get The General Motorcycle Insurance Quote

Whether you’re riding a motorcycle for pleasure or to save bus rent, knowing that you and your bike are secured with The General motorcycle insurance coverage will put your mind at ease. Get a The General motorcycle insurance quote online by going to their website with ZIP code, or calling customer service number, or visit their local office. The General always offers affordable premium rates on the best motorcycle insurance policies no matter what kind of bike you ride.

The General provides many discounts for motorcycle insurance that are also available to more skilled riders. If you are completing an authorized motorcycle training and safety course, you can qualify for a discount. Protect yourself, bike and your investment with The General wide range of motorcycle insurance coverage options at great rates.

The General Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Like all insurance providers, The General’s has some discounts available for customers. These discounts are any type motorcycle insurance of the policyholders, here are a some of discount factors from The General’s:

  • Multi-vehicle: If you already buy another type of insurance from The General, like homeowners or car insurance, you could save by bundling them. 
  • Defensive Riding Course: If you complete a defensive course from an authorized institute, you may be able to get a discount on your motorcycle insurance coverage premium.
  • Full payment: You can get a discount if you pay the entire value of a year’s bike insurance in one lump sum instead of making monthly payments.

It’s always worth asking for any other discounts that you qualify for. There also may be some discounts available that are not listed on The General’s official website. Don’t hesitate to ask the agent for details—it could lower or increase your insurance premium rate!

The General Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Call The General Insurance claims phone number and tell them you want to make a motorcycle insurance coverage claim. The customer service number you can get from The General official website or your policy documents. They will be able to take you through the motorbike insurance claim process and will ask for more information about the incident.

If you decide to claim your coverage policy, The General needs to prepare documents out how much it might cost to repair your motorbike. They will usually refer you to one of their authorized garages to assess the damage.

If the The General insurance assessor decides that it makes sense to repair the bike, then they will bear the cost. However, everything depends on the circumstances of the accident and who is at fault.


You can consider all the factors affecting the cost of the General motorcycle insurance, including your bike range and value of motorcycle, rider age, driving record, experience level and available discounts. With all these things in mind, you can choose the right policy coverage from The General that allows you to ride with peace and enjoyment of mind without breaking the bank.

Shopping around is vital to selecting the best coverage rates possible. However, The General insurance company can provide customers with better motorcycle insurance coverage than what’s available. 

Remember that apart from lower motorcycle insurance coverage premiums, safety measures like training and accessories also help you keep safe on the roads. This detailed about the average cost of motorcycle insurance in the year and tips for getting more affordable bike insurance coverage for yourself sure to give you some great ideas, so you can make an informed decision about your right policy for your motorcycle insurance.

FAQ of The General Motorcycle Insurance

Is The General good insurance for Motorcycles?

The General provides standard coverage that comes at a cheap rate for most of the riders. Depending on your needs and the type of motorcycle, you can choose a policy from The General for your insurance coverage.

How much does general motorcycle insurance cost?

The General offers many cheapest motorcycle insurance coverage, which typically costs $20 per month and $500 per year.

Does the general do motorcycle insurance?

The General Insurance offer flexible and affordable Motorcycle Insurance coverage that covers your touring bikes, performance bikes, cruisers and more.