7 Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Often all of the best motorcycle insurance companies offer affordable policy prices, dependable customer service, useful and strong coverage options. Harley-Davidson is one of the best motorcycle insurance companies due to its user-friendly experience with the motorcycle coverage market and helpful discounts.

To select Harley-Davidson, our analytics team reviewed coverage plans, discounts, AM Best Financial Strength ratings, BBB (Better Business Bureau) and J.D. Power customer satisfaction rankings from over 35 national motorcycle insurance providers. Followed by our complete insurer list of the best motorcycle insurance companies, below you’ll look at motorcycle insurance offers and details about the providers from our reviewed team.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies for You

Somewhat can be challenging to choose which companies offer the best motorcycle insurance policies, but we’ve done the research for you to find the best motorcycle insurance companies in the market. See below for details on why we recommend each provider, including the average cost of motorcycle insurance, coverage plans, discount opportunities and more.

Best Motorcycle Insurance for New Riders: Harley-Davidson

  • AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior) 
  • BBB Rating: 1.5 (A+)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 1.4 (197 review)
  • Financial Strength: Good

Get a motorcycle insurance quote

✔ Coverage options for all motorcycle brands✖ Coverage available in 48 states
✔ Forgiveness policy of an accident✖ Car or home insurance is not available
✔ Affordable premium rates
✔ Plentiful discounts
✔ Customize coverage policy

Why choose it?

Harley-Davidson offers any type of motorcycle insurance coverage with some enticing discounts, it may be the best choice for new riders. Harley-Davidson insurance services has been around for more than 20 years and 1,400 independently owned dealerships in nearly 100 countries in the world. The insurance is underwritten by a member of the Sentry Select, Viking and Middlesex insurance.

Harley-Davidson’s major limitation is that it does not offer car, home or rental insurance policies. If you require to cover another vehicle, your house or your home belongings, you’ll have to look at a coverage policy from a different insurer.

In addition, Harley-Davidson has lots of add-ons coverage to enable you customize your motorcycle insurance policy coverage. The additional options include roadside assistance, rental reimbursement coverage, vacation rental coverage and special equipment coverage.

Coverage Options

Whether you have any type or brand motorcycle, Harley-Davidson is always ready to provide you with a coverage plan. They offer a wide-range selection of policy coverages from the standard options and you may expect to specialized options from it, includes:

⦿ Property damage liability
⦿ Bodily injury liability
⦿ Collision insurance
⦿ Comprehensive insurance
⦿ Equipment coverage
⦿ Medical expense coverage
⦿ Roadside assistance
⦿ Vacation rental insurance
⦿ Full replacement cost
⦿ Optional equipment replacement cost
⦿ Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

Additional Special Features:

⦿ Original Harley Davidson parts replacement 
⦿ Member of Harley Owners Group
⦿ Course completion from Harley Davidson Riding Academy
⦿ Harley family facilities
⦿ Accident forgiveness policy


Harley-Davidson provides lots of facilities for bike riders to save money on affordable motorcycle insurance. A full-coverage Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance average costs only $24 per month that’s cheaper than the national average, only $9 per month. It also offers 11-13 discounts to help you lessen your motorcycle insurance premium rates.


Harley-Davidson offers a plenty of discounts for motorcycle insurance customers—that’s include:

⦿ Experienced driver discounts
⦿ License endorsement of motorcycle
⦿ Harley Owners Group members discount
⦿ Discount of completed a safety course in the last five years from Harley Davidson Riding Academy
⦿ New bike and rider discount
⦿ Anti-theft alarm device discount
⦿ Multi-bike and bundle discounts
⦿ Claims-free discount for every six months
⦿ Customer loyalty discount for every year
⦿ Policy renew discount
⦿ Military and law enforcement

Rating out of 10.0

Overall Rating— 9.4
Industry Standing— 9.5
Availability— 10.0
Coverage— 9.3
Cost— 8.5
Customer Experience— 9.3

Best for Accident Forgiveness: Progressive

  • AM Best Rating: A+
  • BBB Rating: A (1,000 customer reviews)
  • Trustpilot Score: 1.7 out of 5.0
  • J.D. Power Score: 4.3 (853/1000)
  • Financial Strength: Good

Get a motorcycle insurance quote

✔ Affordable policy quote✖ Every discount doesn’t offered is available in all 50 states
✔ Forgives claims over $500✖ Does not offer to pay rent
✔ Provides $3,000 for damages to upgrades, customizations and accessories
✔ Decreases to $0 and disappears
✔ Offers full replacement cost
✔ Reliable customer service

Why choose it?

Progressive is one of the best motorcycle insurance companies for most of the motorists. It offers a lot of motorcycle insurance coverage plans for every rider. The policies include accident forgiveness, Manufacturer parts or custom parts after an accident, a promise of receiving Original Equipment, depending on your bike, deductibles and complimentary accessories coverage that diminish the longer you remain claim-free.

The insurer’s accident forgiveness coverage doesn’t increase your premium rates if you file an accident claim for less than $500. Also, if you’re accident free for 4 years, it doesn’t raise your premium rate for your first accident that’s over $500.

However, customers in some of the states may be considered eligible for large accident waivers. In this case, those who remain accident and traffic rule violation-free for up to five years won’t see their rates rise, if they’re in an at-fault accident with a claim that’s over $500.

Finally, consumers can get additional accident forgiveness advantages to supplement the small and large forgiveness programs. They will be forgiven for one accident during the policy period. Progressive gets less 35% complaints than average when factoring in its size, according to the NAIC. That means, riders are generally pretty happy with the service they get from Progressive.

Coverage Options

Progressive is offers plenty of the decent motorcycle insurance coverage options and multiple discounts. USAA has partnered program agreement with Progressive, so any military members or their family members who buy policy through USAA get 5% off a Progressive motorcycle insurance policy. It include motorcycle insurance options:

⦿ Carried contents
⦿ Custom equipment coverage
⦿ Collision insurance
⦿ Emergency roadside assistance
⦿ Full replacement cost
⦿ Injury protection coverage. 
⦿ OEM parts coverage
⦿ Safety gear
⦿ Total loss coverage
⦿ Trip interruption

The type of motorcycle covered

Progressive often covers all type of motorcycles and bikes, including:

⦿ Custom bikes
⦿ Cruisers
⦿ Dirt bikes
⦿ Touring bikes
⦿ Sport bikes
⦿ Scooters and mopeds
⦿ Vintage, class or collective bikes


Progressive offers extra coverage at many affordable rates. Progressive requires a full-coverage policy costs around $23 per month, which is $10 per month cheaper than the national average rate.

Progressive’s motorcycle insurance policies include full replacement cost. This means Progressive will return your bike to pre-accident condition with no allowance for wear and tear. Other benefits is Progressive’s provide OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coverage. It will replace any custom place with original parts on your bike to the same parts.

It also includes $3,000 of your coverage policy for damage to custom parts, upgrades and customizations when you get collision and comprehensive coverage. Plus, you can pay extra to increase the limit over $30,000, according to your needs.


Progressive offers a lot of motorcycle insurance discounts—that’s include:

⦿ Advance quote discount
⦿ Association member discount
⦿ Automatic bill discount
⦿ Experienced driver discount
⦿ Endorsement discount
⦿ Safety course discount
⦿ Multi-policy discount
⦿ Pay in full-payment discount
⦿ Pay on-time discount
⦿ Responsible driver discount
⦿ Policy transfer discount

Rating out of 10

Overall Rating— 9
Industry Standing— 9.5
Availability— 10
Coverage— 9.5
Cost— 7.8
Customer Experience— 8.7

Geico is one of the best motorcycle insurance for young riders

  • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: A-
  • Trustpilot Score: 1.3 out of 5.0
  • J.D. Power Score: 4.1 (871/1000)
  • Financial Strength: Better

Get a motorcycle insurance quote

✔ Outstanding reputation✖ Customer reviews is low than others
✔ Accepts payment in installments✖ Doesn’t have cheap option
✔ Variety of discounts✖ Limited coverage options
✔ Some lowest rates of the industry’s
✔ Financial strength rate is high
✔ Covers variety of motorcycles

Why choose it?

Geico is well-known as for covering cars in the insurance industry, but many riders may be able to get good motorcycle insurance coverage. While analysis the country’s best motorcycle insurance providers, we at the found that Geico offers helpful and strong coverage at some of the market’s cheapest rates. Geico is the best motorcycle insurance company for young riders, because it gives the option to pay your coverage bill in installments instead of all at once. 

It covers any type of motorcycle from Cruisers models to touring and sports bikes. Geico also has scooters, mopeds and ATVs coverage plans. This company has established a reputation for generally hassle-free customer service, their policy coverage protects both safety and freedom while out on the highway.

Coverage Options

Geico offers plenty of motorcycle insurance coverage plans for young riders. It allows you to customize your insurance coverage to meet needs, that means your coverage policies don’t automatically include complex options that you may not need. However, Geico doesn’t offer an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coverage plan.

⦿ Liability damage coverage
⦿ Collision insurance
⦿ Comprehensive coverage
⦿ Medical expense payments
⦿ Personal injury protection (PIP)
⦿ Underinsured/Uninsured motorist
⦿ Accessories
⦿ Roadside assistance


Geico is an affordable motorcycle insurance company for young riders who are on a low budget. Most of the providers require you to pay your annual rate in full upfront, but it gives no-down-payment affordable insurance with one month payment to start policy.

Geico’s motorcycle insurance is typically the cheap option, the average cost of a full-coverage policy is $36 per month, which is only $3 per month more than the national average. Good news is, Geico offers a wide-range of discounts to help lessen your motorcycle insurance costs. For example, young riders who take a motorcycle safety foundation or military safety course get a 10% discount.


Geico is best motorcycle insurance for savings opportunities that offer multiple discount to help lessen your insurance costs—that’s includes:

⦿ Policy switch discount from another company
⦿ Multi-bike discount
⦿ Experienced rider discount
⦿ Policy renewal discount
⦿ Safety foundation or military safety course discount
⦿ Multi-policy discount
⦿ Bundling discount

Rating out of 10

Overall Rating— 9.3
Reputation— 10.0
Coverage— 9.0
Cost— 9.5
Customer Experience 8.5

best motorcycle insurance markel

Markel is the best motorcycle insurance for hobbyists riders

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: N/A
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.1 (149 reviews)
  • J.D. Power Score: N/A
  • Financial Strength: Good
✔ Variety of discounts✖ Often expensive than competitors
✔ Wide-range coverage✖ Limited tech tools than large company
✔ Mechanical breakdown coverage✖ Coverage doesn’t available in Massachusetts and North Carolina
✔ Offers accident forgiveness
✔ Available trailer coverage
✔ Diminishing deductible for each year

Why choose it?

Markel has established a reputation as the best motorcycle insurance overall choice in the industry due to decades of experience and a wide range of coverage options. Although it doesn’t offer all of the tech tools that a larger company. But it serves more than other largest insurers up for it in its comprehensive coverage options and discounts.

Markel motorcycle insurance is a good choice for most riders. The premium rates and coverage options are some more expensive than others, but coverage prices vary significantly from state to state. Markel does not offer motorcycle insurance in the states of Massachusetts and North Carolina, but it does offer home insurance and farming specialty policies.

In addition, Markel gives rewards to safe motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists can save money by completing a safety course or by being claim-free for a few years with Markel. Markel has a variety of motorcycle coverage options at an above-average. It also allows customers to insure their trailer or get coverage for mechanical breakdowns besides the standard offerings. The biggest negative side to Markel is that you can’t take benefits of a bundling discount.

Coverage Options

Markel offers a nice mix of best motorcycle insurance coverage options and affordable rates. It has more coverage plans than the average motorcycle provider. Although standard and legally required coverages with liability, collision and comprehensive coverage, Markel offers several extra options.

Merkle offers riders rental reimbursement coverage for motorcycle insurance, which pays for rental cars while your motorcycle is in the garage for repairs after an accident. In addition, they provide trailers and mechanical breakdown coverage for motorcycle insurance that’s very rare among motorcycle insurance from other companies.

⦿ Bodily injury liability
⦿ Property damage liability
⦿ Mechanical breakdown coverage
⦿ Trailer coverage
⦿ Collision coverage
⦿ Comprehensive insurance
⦿ Medical payments
⦿ Funeral expenses
⦿ Passenger liability
⦿ Uninsured motorist coverage
⦿ Roadside assistance
⦿ Rental reimbursement

Type of motorcycle cover

As a specialty, Markel insurance company provides all types of best motorcycle insurance products including Cruisers to sports bike coverage and ATVs, classic car insurance, even farm and ferrier insurance options.

⦿ Cruisers
⦿ Big twins
⦿ Street bikes
⦿ Touring motorcycles
⦿ Sports bikes
⦿ Scooters/mopeds
⦿ Dirt bikes
⦿ Trikes
⦿ Custom motorcycles


Markel motorcycle insurance rate may be expensive or low depending where you live. Markel’s full coverage policy average costs $39 per month, that’s more $6 per month than the national average.

Markel’s offers multi-vehicle discounts to save customers money from motorcycle insurance. That means if you have more than one motorcycle insurance policy with Markel so you can get a lower rate. It also serves an opportunity for safe riders to save money by its diminishing deductible. Markel will reduce your deductible by 25% per year if you stay accident-free, until it’s $0.


Markel offers multiple discounts for their customers, that for policyholders can save as much as 35% off their general motorcycle insurance premium costs—includes:

⦿ Transfer/switch discount
⦿ Multi-vehicle discount
⦿ Multi-policy discount
⦿ Anti-lock brakes discount
⦿ Renewal discount
⦿ Accident forgiveness program
⦿ Anti-theft digital alarm device discount
⦿ Safe driver discount
⦿ Safety course discount
⦿ Diminishing deductible

Rating out of 10

Overall Rating— 8.3
Reputation— 10.0
Coverage— 8.9
Cost— 8.7
Customer Experience 9.1

State Farm motorcycle insurance for teen riders

  • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: B
  • Trustpilot Score: 2.9 out of 5.0
  • J.D. Power Score: 4.3 (877/1000)
  • Financial Strength: Better
  • Google review: 4.2
✔ Accept accident forgiveness✖ Quotes are not available in online
✔ One of the largest motorcycle insurers in the U.S.
✔ Available local agents in all the states.
✔ Has an A++financial strength rating from AM Best.
✔ Covers variety of motorcycles

Why choose it?

State Farm is the largest auto insurance provider in the United States, often it has 19,000+ local agents across all states that  makes it a good option for local touch. State Farm offers a variety of motorcycle insurance coverage options for riders. State Farm doesn’t provide online quotes for motorcycle coverage, instead encouraging customers to contact local agents who can offer a personalized customized quote.

If you’re interested in State Farm’s motorcycle insurance coverage, the best way is to contact your nearest local agent. From there, you can get or customize a coverage plan, according to your needs and budget.

We are given State Farm an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and it may be the best choice of local service for motorcycle riders.

What’s Covered

State Farm offers all kinds of two and three wheeled bikes insurance coverage plan, including Cruisers to sports bikes and motor scooters, moped, mini bikes.

⦿ Liability coverage
⦿ Collision insurance
⦿ Comprehensive coverage
⦿ Protective gear insurance
⦿ Roadside assistance
⦿ Trip interruption coverage
⦿ Additional coverage for uninsured riders


Teen and young drivers typically pay more for motorcycle insurance coverage than older drivers. Because they have a high-speed riding trend and are more likely to cause an accident. So, a 18-year-old young driver can afford to pay 43% more for full-coverage insurance than up to a 35-year-old rider.


By bundling State Farm policies with motorcycle insurance, such as auto, life or home insurance, you could save up to 17% on your policy premiums rate. You can complete a safety driving course or can be a member of certain motorcycle associations for a discount.

⦿ Multi-vehicle discount
⦿ Good rider discount
⦿ Multi-policy discount
⦿ Transfer policy discount
⦿ Organization membership discount
⦿ Safety course discount
⦿ Easy Pay discount
⦿ Full-payment discount

Rating out of 10.0

Overall Rating— 8.7
Reputation— 9.5
Coverage— 8.0
Cost— 8.5
Customer Experience— 9.0

USAA is one of the best motorcycle insurances for military riders

USAA is one of the best motorcycle insurances for military riders

  • AM Best Rating: A++
  • BBB Rating: NR
  • Trustpilot Score: 1.3 (2,577 reviews)
  • J.D. Power Score: 4.8
  • Financial Strength: better
✔ Affordable coverage price✖ Only available for military members and their family
✔ 24/7 claims processing
✔ A++ financial strength rating
✔ Strong customer service
✔ Convenient mobile app

Why choose it?

USAA offers the best motorcycle insurance coverage option for veterans, military members and their families qualifying members. If you are a USAA member, you can automatically save money up to 5% on your coverage premiums. With the savings, you will enjoy 24-hour claims service, 24-hour roadside assistance, special customer service and many facilities.

Generally, USAA is provide affordable coverage option for motorcycle insurance than others insurers. While the coverage policy cost will be determined on some of the specific factors, such as: your age, motorcycle type, credit and driving history, but you can expect a lower rate than other providers.

If you get into an accident, you don’t have to wait until business hours to contact a representative and start the claims process, because it allows 24/7 claims processing. USAA has a convenient mobile application for Android and iOS to easily manage your services. The app may be especially beneficial if you are using additional products from USAA. For example: If you bundle your policy with banking, credit cards or homeowners insurance. In addition, using the mobile app, you can make payments, view insurance cards, check the status of the claim process and request 24/7 roadside assistance service.

What’s covered

USAA offers all type of the basic motorcycle insurance coverage for military riders, including:

⦿ Property damage liability
⦿ Bodily injury liability
⦿ Personal injury liability
⦿ Collision insurance 
⦿ Comprehensive coverage
⦿ Uninsured motorist coverage
⦿ Medical expense payment
⦿ 24/7 roadside assistance

Type of motorcycle cover

USAA does cover any type of motorcycle, including:

⦿ Cruisers
⦿ Touring bike
⦿ Sport bikes
⦿ Scooters
⦿ Mopeds
⦿ Dirt bikes
⦿ ATVs, UTVs or SXS


Since USAA directly doesn’t offer motorcycle insurance policy, it refers their members to Progressive, which is one of the best motorcycle insurance companies in the industry.

Progressive provides a 5% discount for USAA members of motorcycle insurance that make it more affordable than other competitors. A full coverage Progressive policy average costs is $22 per month with USAA discount.

Another advantage of having motorcycle insurance through USAA is that it offers motorcycle loans and financing up to 100% of the value of your new bike.


Most of the military members choose USAA insurance, because of the low premium rates and variety of attractive discounts, including:

⦿ Get 5% discount
⦿ Multi-bike
⦿ Safety training discount
⦿ Good driver discount

Rating out of 10

Overall Rating— 9.2
Industry Standing— 8.9
Availability— 8.0
Coverage— 9.5
Cost— 9.7
Customer Service— 8.9

Safeco is the best motorcycle insurance for Homemade and Kit Bikes

Safeco is the best motorcycle insurance for Homemade and Kit Bikes

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • BBB Rating: 1.08 (Out of 5.0)
  • Trustpilot Score: 1.6 (27 reviews)
  • J.D. Power Score: 3.8
  • Financial Strength: Good
✔ Strong financial strength rating✖ Limited discounts
✔ 24/7 claims & roadside assistance service✖ Online quotes not available
✔ OEM parts coverage available✖ Coverage doesn’t available in all states
✔ Offers a Harley-Davidson replacement cost provision

Why choose it?

Safeco is a Liberty Mutual company, it is the best motorcycle insurance provider for homemade and kit bikes. It is the only insurer that offers policy coverage for these type bikes. Safeco also includes roadside assistance coverage with all plans along with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts repair or replacement if you have collision and comprehensive coverage.

Safeco offers some easy ways to save money with multiple discount options, it also includes a lot of free additional features for which other companies often charge. This is a great option that makes Safeco cheap motorcycle insurance.

What’s covered

Like most of the insurance on this list, Safeco offers all the basic types of motorcycle insurance coverage options, according to your budget and needs, including:

⦿ Bodily injury liability
⦿ Property damage liability
⦿ Passenger liability
⦿ Collision insurance
⦿ 24/7 roadside assistance
⦿ OEM parts coverage
⦿ Safety apparel coverage
⦿ Uninsured motorist coverage
⦿ Roadside assistance
⦿ Add-on coverage
⦿ Harley-Davidson replacement cost provision


Safeco doesn’t publish prices for motorcycle insurance on their website. For an idea of Safeco coverage pricing, you’ll need to get a quote.

For a quote, enter your zip code to get the quote process, after you’ll see a prompt to connect with a local agent nearby. On the local agent’s page, there’s a button to “get a quote” click here to take a quote.


Safeco offers some of the great discounts to save the money of motorcyclists. Discounts are vary by where you live and policy limitation, but you can save your money by stacking some of the discounts:

⦿ Multi-motorcycle
⦿ Multi-policy discounts
⦿ Claims free discount
⦿ Experienced-rider discount
⦿ Safety course discount

Rating out of 10

Overall Rating— 8.1
Industry Standing— 7.8
Availability— 7.9
Coverage— 9.1
Customer Service— 6.5

Motorcycle Insurance Rate Determine factors

The cost of motorcycle insurance coverage policy will vary on some of primary factors, such as: Age and experience, clean driving record, the range of motorcycle, make and model, credit score (required for some states), where you live/residence, types of coverage and insurance claims history. In order to get a quote, you’ll need to contact a local agent.

  • Rider Age: Teen and young drivers with comparatively less experience than adults are regarded as high-risk. Because with age comes long experience combined with maturity and good driving skills. So, if you are an occasional bike rider, you may have to pay a lower premium rate.
  • Location: Your location is a major factor that can determine low or high to your insurance premium rate.
  • Gender: Gender is an essential factor for determining your motorcycle insurance cost. If you’re a male, your insurance rate may be higher than female.
  • Clean driving record: Your driving record shows no traffic rule violations, last 60 months no accident or previous insurance claims, then your premium rate might be low.
  • Defensive course: Recently, if you have completed a defensive driving course from an authorized institute, you are eligible for lower premium rate.
  • Type of Motorcycle: Depending on the type of motorcycle you are using, such as engine CC, Value, Sports, Touring, Scooter or Minibike, your premium rate may be lower or higher.
  • Make and Model: A newest motorcycle with the high power engine and expensive accessories, may cost more than another low class motorcycle. With a powerful engine motorcycle allows high-speed, so your insurance provider would classify you as a high-risk rider. As a result, your premium rate.
  • Mileage: If you are used to working on your motorcycle, you may pay a higher rate than someone who occasionally uses his motorcycle for leisure. Whose ride regular their motorcycle, they have a higher possibility of being involved in an accident. Your average mileage of use also can affect your premium rate.
  • Types of Coverage: The coverage type and limits you choose for your policy also affect your motorcycle insurance cost rate.

Average Cost by Type of Motorcycle

Motorcycle insurance policy average rate cruiser style bikes than sport motorcycle cost more than some of as much to insure. That’s minimum having an average Kelley Blue Book value of around three and a half times more. Similarly, touring motorcycle are more than 27% cheaper to insure than sport bikes, although they’re much more expensive to replace.

Bike TypeEngine CCValueMonthly Cost
Cruiser249 cc$4,699$116
Cruiser471 cc$6,499$158
Cruiser749 cc$7,599$154
Sport Bike399 cc$5,299$176
Sport Bike599 cc$11,499$599
Sport Bike937 cc$11,755$335
Scooter155 cc$3699$102
Scooter149 cc$4,199$115
Scooter150 cc$3,369$97
Touring Bike1,254 cc$16,945$283
Touring Bike1,744 cc$1,8925$224
Touring Bike1,833 cc$2,1670$335

Motorcycle Insurance Average Cost by Rider Age

Teen and young drivers typically pay more for motorcycle insurance coverage than older drivers. Because they have a high-speed riding trend and are more likely to cause an accident. So, a 18-year-old young driver can afford to pay 35% more for full-coverage insurance than up to a 35-year-old rider.

Rider AgeMonthly Cost for Full-Coverage

Average Monthly Motorcycle Insurance Cost by State

StateAverage Monthly Cost
New York$33
New Jersey$29
New Mexico$40
North Dakota$21
North Carolina$21
New Hampshire$28
Rhode Island$34/37
South Carolina$41
South Dakota$28
West Virginia$29

The Bottom Line of Best Motorcycle Insurance

To find the best motorcycle insurance for riders, our analysis team collected over 750 of quotes from high rated insurers across the country. Harley-Davidson offers multiple coverage options and discounts for motorcycle insurance that make it a great choice for riders. The company combined long history, world wide service and excellent reputation, making it our top choice.

All of the quotes are for a full-coverage policy that includes higher liability limits than state requirements, including comprehensive and collision coverage.

  • Bodily injury liability: $50,000 per rider and $100,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury: $50,000 per rider and $100,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage: $25,000 per accident
  • Medical expense payments: $5,000
  • Comprehensive and collision deductible: $500

To select the best motorcycle insurance in each category, our analysts considered the coverage offered, premium rates, available discounts, and customer satisfaction and review ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motorcycle insurance company?

The best motorcycle insurance depends on coverage needs, type of motorcycle cover, your riding experience and location. For example, Dairyland has the best motorcycle insurance for high-risk drivers. But, Harley-Davidsons is the best insurer for customizable coverage, according to customer needs.

How much cost is good bike insurance?

The average cost of full-coverage motorcycle insurance is $25 per month in the U.S. However, you may be able to get better bike insurance for less than it. The best motorcycle insurance for most riders, Progressive $23 and USAA $22 per month, charges an average cost.

Which type of insurance is best for motorcycles?

A comprehensive type of policy coverage is considered as the best insurance for motorcycles. It pays for the mandatory third-party liability as well as policyholders damage. This coverage has also included extra add-ons features.

Which motorcycle insurance is cheapest?

USAA motorcycle insurance average monthly rate is the cheapest at only $22 per month, but it’s only for military members and their family members. Next, the cheapest motorcycle insurance provider is Progressive, it offers only $23 per month for full-coverage.

What is the most expensive motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance premium rates can vary by average of $33 per month from one company to the next. The cheapest motorcycle insurance comes from USAA, which costs $22 per month, on average. Nationwide is the most expensive insurer, at $55 per month and $517 per year for a full-coverage.