Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance (Should You Know Everything)

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance has established itself as the top choice for bike riders for providing reliable coverage and exceptional service. Standing at the best since 1926 with an A.M rating of A+, Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance demonstrates the highest commitment to customer protection and offers comprehensive coverage options for riders’ individual needs.

The nationwide company’s competitive motorcycle insurance rates, availability and strong financial stability make it a trusted institution for riders across the country.

Although the company offers limited discounts compared to some competitors, its responsive customer service and hassle-free claims process contribute to its positive reputation among customers. Overall, motorcycle insurance in America stands out as a reliable option for drivers looking for peace of mind and protection on the road.

Basic Info of the Nationwide Insurance

Financial RatingsA+ Rating from A.M. Best
Child CompaniesNationwide Mutual Insurance
Customer Service RatingsResponsive
Claims InformationClaims can be filed online, mobile app or through by contacting the claims department directly.
Phone Number  +1 (877) 669-6877
Mobile ApplicationAvailable Nationwide Mobile App for Android and  iOS devices.

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Review

Like most providers, Nationwide’s motorcycle insurance rates depend on several factors. The company considers details like the type of motorcycle, its mileage and any security features it has installed. The company will also consider your age, driving history and location. Generally, younger riders and those with sports motorcycles pay higher insurance costs.

High skilled drivers and lower risk motorists can choose motorcycle coverage with Nationwide, and the company’s multi-policy and discount makes a good option for people who already use Nationwide for auto and life insurance products. 

Nationwide offers several discounts on motorcycle insurance. You can unlock these savings by completing a motorcycle safety course, joining a riding association or installing an anti-theft device in your bike. Because it offers home, auto and life insurance, you can get a multi-policy discount by combining these policies. Similarly, you’re eligible for a multi-vehicle discount when you get Nationwide insurance for your other vehicles.

Additionally, the company offers a free annual insurance review. This allows you to regularly check your insurance policy, customize it for your motorcycle use and keep costs in check. With a vanishing deductible, you can save $100 on your deductible each year you drive accident-free, up to $500. There are also several add-ons you can get to customize your motorcycle policy:

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Pro and Cons

✔️ Available local agent❌ Can’t buy policies without through an agent
✔️ Classic and vintage bikes policy❌ Have not transparent pricing
✔️ Multi-policy discounts❌ Not available in all states
✔️ Easy to  process claims

Types of Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Nationwide offers a number of motorcycle insurance for bike riders, according to motorcycle range, price, generation, rider driving history, credit score etc. Noted below of general Nationwide motorcycle insurance options.

1. Multi-Policy for Various Motorcycle

If you’re a bike lover and you like to enjoy various bikes or whether you are a collector. Nationwide motorcycle insurance policy options covered your all bikes coverage under a policy for up to $50,000 for each bike.

2. Antique and Vintage Motorcycle Coverage

Nationwide offers an immense classic insurance policy based on bike-range. You can take vintage and antique insurance coverage policy for classic motorcycles that covers up to $30,000 per motorcycle.

3. Scooters Insurance Policy

If you have a scooter and you want to run on local streets or highways, So, you must buy an insurance policy. Scooters insurance policy still is extremely valuable for your physical and financial security. Even if you plan on occasionally using the scooter or getting out to play.

4. Mopeds Insurance

Mopeds are now considered auto vehicles in many states and are required to have insurance. An increasing number of states now require insurance for the Mopeds to be considered road legal. Because the Mopeds include 50cc engines or smaller auto vehicle engines. Nationwide insurance covers these scooters and similar vehicles with mid-speed 50cc engines to high-speed 500cc engines for regular street use.

5. Dirt Bikes

Nowadays many states legally don’t allow dirt motorcycles on the street. But if you already have insurance coverage of your dirt bike, then you can benefit from being covered for insurance. Nationwide’s dirt bike insurance policy covered collision and comprehensive options include personal property, bodily injury and medical payment coverage. Even if you use your motorcycle in extreme sports, those policies particularly play an important role.

6. Sports Bikes Insurance Policy

Most of the motorcycle riders are always drawn to high-performing sports bikes, often called those bikes’ crotch rockets, because these super-sports bikes are head turners that have far more strength than other common motorcycles. These motorcycles are capable of traveling at a speed of 190mph. As for the amazing and high-speed bikes, riders are 4 times as likely to have the possibility for road accidents than other lower-range motorcycles.

So, you must need Nationwide motorcycle insurance coverage. Before starting your bike journey, you can take a Nationwide motorcycle insurance policy for essential levels of coverage for these popular, speedy sports bikes. In addition, Nationwide insurance coverage accepts various factors that allow you to get discounts, such as an anti-lock brake system, good riding history, high credit score and more.

7. Touring Insurance Motorcycles

Finally, you can send a message through the company website to raise an issue or get a Nationwide insurance quote. When filling out the online form, you may specify if you’d like to be contacted by email or phone.

8. Customized Policy Coverage

If you need comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy, Nationwide insurance would provide $3,000 of the coverage policy for the upgraded customized option if you add multiple bikes or can be omitted. If you need more coverage than that, their custom policy lets you protect your custom parts for up to $30,000 and custom bikes to convert or cover custom trikes up to $50,000.

9. New and like-new Motorbike Coverage

Nationwide offers comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies that are well-suited to the needs of most classic and vintage motorcycle owners. There’s a useful mobile app available to manage your policy and file claims. Nationwide also offers a number of discount opportunities. However, you can only get Nationwide motorcycle coverage if you live in one of the 43 states where its services are available. Even though you can start the quote process online, you must speak to an agent for an actual price. Additionally, many customers complain of slow claims processing.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options by Nationwide

Nationwide insurance offers a number of coverage options for motorcycle insurance policy, that meet the various needs of riders and provide their financial protection for any type of accident. The motorbike coverage options includes:

Liability CoverageIt covered physical injury and property damage to others in the event of a road accident.
Comprehensive CoverageThis coverage provides protection against accidental damages to the customer, such as — vandalism, theft and natural disasters etc.
Collision CoverageCollision coverage covered expense of damages as from collisions with other auto vehicles.
Personal Injury ProtectionThe motorbike insurance coverage gives financial protection for medical expenses and lost wages for you.
Medical PaymentsThe coverage covers the medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.
Uninsured Motorist CoverageThis coverage is issued to provide protection against accidents caused by uninsured drivers.
Roadside AssistanceIt’s an optional motorcycle insurance coverage for assistance in the event of flat tires, breakdowns or other roadside emergencies for protection.
OEM CoverageThe motorcycle insurance coverage helps to ensure that your motorbike is made with intact parts from the OEM. If your motorbike have not an OEM parts, Nationwide insurance will be make payment based on the market value of the OEM part. But, it is available for a recent purchase that’s 10 years old.

Compare Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance to Another company

Nationwide has its fair share of customer complaints level compared to most of the insurance companies. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company has received fewer complaints than others in the industry, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

The company gets accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and earns an “A+” rating, despite having over 200 customer complaints on their profile.

Company NameVintage & Classic
Motorbike Coverage
AM Best GradeRatings (Out of 10)
State Farm✔️A++9.85
All StateA+8.90
*Our analysis team has given this rating based on AM Best rating, customer satisfaction, average premiums, financial strength, customer service etc., which is a maximum of 10.

Available Discounts of Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance

Nationwide insurance offers some policy discounts to attract motorbike riders by various discounts. However, to get those discounts, you may have to meet certain conditions, including:

Multi-Policy: If you have already bought your home, life or car insurance policies from Nationwide, then you may be eligible for getting motorcycle insurance discounts.

Multi-Vehicle Coverage: You have more than one vehicle, such as: motorbike, car, truck, boat or Scooter. So you can bundle your all policies to get the cheapest rate.

Anti-lock brakes: If your motorbike has anti-lock/hydraulic brakes professionally set up to protect you from accidents, you can also get discounts on motorcycle insurance.

Theft Recovery device: If you have a GPS recovery system on your motorcycle that will help you to get insurance discounts.

Full Payment: If you are paying full payment from starting your policies, you may be eligible for a discount of your Nationwide Motorcycle insurance.

Membership Discount: You may be eligible for an optional discount if you are a member of a riding association or an owners’ group.

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance (Should You Know Everything)

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Price

Nationwide’s premiums aren’t available in all states. The company’s average annual cost for a motorcycle insurance policy is $517 without discounts. The motorcycle insurance coverage price varies based on some major factors like location, ride mileage, bike-range, riding history and whether you are eligible for any discounts. Which we discussed above in the discounts section.

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FAQ of Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance

Does Nationwide Have Motorcycle Insurance?

Yes, Nationwide offers comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage options. The company provides vintage and classic bike insurance coverage options. There are also many discounts of motorcycle insurance for skilled riders.

How much Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Nationwide Motorcycle insurance average annual cost is $517 without discounts.

Does Nationwide Insurance Provide OEM Coverage?

Yes, Nationwide always covered OEM coverage option.