Best 7 Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa, OK

If you’re looking for the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then you have come to the right page. We know, you’ll choose the best insurance for you, after you analyze comparing quotes, rate, discount and other facilities from multiple companies. Most of the auto insurance providers use a variety of factors to determine the rate of your coverage policy, including your age, location, the type of your car drive, driving experience, mileage and driving history, which depending on your coverage cost less or high. That’s why looking around for you is a hard challenge to finding the cheapest car insurance in Tulsa or any state.

Our insurance analysis team believes that finding the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa is likely about more than just not price. So our team analyzed a lot of the function from strong customer satisfaction scores, ability to pay claim, financial strength ratings, multiple coverage plan, discounts and digital tools.

The best cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, include Geico, Mercury, Progressive, Farmers, USAA and American Family, according to our January 2024 analysis of quoted annual premiums policy, customer rating and satisfaction.

The auto insurance companies with the highest rank in Tulsa, Oklahoma., are USAA, State Farm, Progressive, Geico and American Farmers & Ranchers. These companies offer best multi option coverage, satisfied customer service and affordable rates that cover both cheapest and highest policy coverage averages in the city. In this article, we will help you to find the best cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, Oklahoma., according to driver age, credit score, customer satisfaction and driving history.

Average Cost of Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa

The average cost of auto insurance in Tulsa is $180 per month for full coverage policy and $2,158 a year, however minimum coverage averages cost $40 per month and $479 a year. These rates are more than the national average cost of auto insurance of $2,014 annually for a full coverage policy and $622 a year for minimum coverage.

The city of Tulsa had a population of 411,401 according to the 2021 census, more than any other city. Hence, auto insurance rates may be high due to the higher possibility of car accidents here. Don’t worry, there are also many cheap insurance companies in Tulsa that offer a lot of cheapest auto insurance quotes.

Coverage TypeMonthly CostAnnually Cost
Minimum Coverage$40$479
Full Coverage$180$2,158
National Average$622$2,014

Best Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa, Oklahoma

After finishing our analysis, based on premium data from Quadrant Information Services, we finally found the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, that the companies include Geico, Mercury, Farmers, USAA and American Family.

In addition to selecting companies with cheap average rates, TheUSpedia finding increase or less the auto insurance rate other factors that were explored detailed below. Study of J.D. Power Auto Insurance, coverage options, discounts, third-party ratings and AM Best ratings for financial strength. Also, these factors and more contribute to all the periods to our scoring out of ten points. Our rating and scores can be considered as a tool to offer a claims pay overview of how a provider may be able to fill up your auto insurance requirements.

1. Geico Auto Insurance

Geico insurance offers some of the best cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, both for minimum and full coverage policy, according to our team analysis of coverage data.


✔ It earn A+ rating from AM Best
✔ Offer cheapest car insurance rates for most drivers
✔ Long policy limits
✔ Usage-based lot of discount

✔ User friendly mobile app


✘ Low average J.D. Power claims ratings options.
✘ Cheapest rate with poor credit for specific time
✘ Local agents less than other providers

Geico insurance does not only offer competitive rates for Tulsa, all the drivers appreciate the number of discounts available from this company. Likely include safe driving program, multi-policy, good student, clean history, affiliation savings discounts etc. However, Geico insurance did score less than the segment average for policyholder satisfaction in the Central region, indicating that insurers cannot be fully satisfied with the positions of service offered.

2. Mercury Auto Insurance 

Mercury Insurance may be the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa for customers who like to work more with a regional carrier.


✔ Average customer complaint level is low.
✔ Available usage-based low policy rate with safe-driving discounts.
✔ Rideshare coverage options available.


✘ No allow accident forgiveness and new car replacement deductible.
✘ Available only in 11 states.

Mercury insurance does not have as many discounts and endorsement offers as some larger carriers, but it does offer rideshare coverage and rental car reimbursement. In addition, they provide discounts for safety features, clean history, short mileage and policy bundling. Therefore, the Mercury insurance service is offered only in 11 states that’s — Oklahoma, Arizona, New York, Florida, New Jersey, California, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia, Nevada and Texas. Which may not be included in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction rating score. 

3. Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive insurance offers some of the cheapest auto insurance. It’s one of the most popular auto insurance companies in the United States.


✔ Multiple discounts
✔ Competitive rates
✔ Greater service area
✔ Multiple policy coverage


✘ Prices are depending on how you choose policy options.
✘ Discounts not available in in the all states
✘ Many services not available for in-person

The company provides competitive rates as well as multiple discounts that are— good students, clean driving record, Multi-coverage and speeding ticket etc.

Progressive’s auto insurance average annual rate is only $7 less than the national average rate. But, when looking at demographic subcategories, its rates may be increases than the national average rate. Progressive auto insurance is No. 4 among customer satisfactions, according to our analysis. Its rating No. is 6 for customer service and No. 5 for claims to pay.

4. Farmers Auto Insurance

Farmers insurance provides some of the add-on minimum and full-coverage options for drivers that is a customizable policy.


✔ Got high rate from customer satisfaction most customer gives satisfied feedback of claims.


✘ Low average premiums rating than most other auto insurance company

Besides full coverage, drivers may be able to make a more robust coverage policy with windshield coverage, first accident forgiveness and new vehicle replacement. In addition to less average premium rates, insurers may save on their insurance premium with potential discounts for shared family car, educational distance and on-time payments policy. Farmers insurance earns slightly less than the segment average for customer satisfaction rating from J.D. Power, so before starting your auto insurance coverage, then you may discuss with existing insurers about the details of the company service.

5. USAA Auto Insurance

USAA most of the time get high scores from J.D. Power for customer satisfaction rating, but the USAA insurance policy is only available for military members or if someone in the family serves in the military.


✔ No. 1 rated provider for customer service then other companies, according to our analysis.
✔ Coverage offers are all over 50 states with Washington, D.C.


✘ Not available for general peoples
✘ Only for military member and their families

Military members may take the carrier’s military-specific discount offer, including potential savings for parking a car on base. USAA insurance provides their service based on only an online portal and over the phone. Therefore, if you will meet with an in-person agent, it may not be the final decision for you.

6. American Farmers & Ranchers

American Farmers & Ranchers commonly known as AFR, is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies that covers the insurance needs in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers.


✔ AFR provides a 24-hour toll-free claims hotline that makes the claims filing process.


✘ AFR has many discount varieties of insurance coverage needs of farmers and ranchers.

The company auto insurance coverage for both personal cars and farm vehicles was started in 1945 into and out of a partnership with Farmers Union Automobile and Casualty Company, a good companion of the National Farmers Union. AFR offers some of budget-friendly cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa that fully covers almost every need of auto drivers, agricultural workers and business owners in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

However, our analysis team found AFR positive sentiment of customers based on claims service, cost amount, coverage options, customer service.

7. American Family Auto Insurance

American Family insurance has some special features, discount options and regional carriers. All coverage includes add-ons, a usage-based auto insurance policy and reduced deductibles.


✔ Has a satisfied level for customer service from auto policyholders in last year’s survey.


✘ High rate than several competitors offer rates.
✘ Available only in 19 states

American Family insurance may be the best selection for social worker teens and young drivers, as it offers a lot of special discounts for drivers under 25 who fill up at least 40+ (plus) volunteer hours without profit. While the American family’s digital tools are not as effective and fast as some competitors’ companies. But, for its other services it came in second position in the Central region of J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction rating, indicating that all the insurers may get a top-notch helpful service.

Best 7 Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa, OK

Compare Annual Average Costs by Company

Company NameAnnual Average Cost for a Minimum CoverageAnnual Average Cost for a Full CoverageJ.D. Power Score of Central Region
American Farmers & Ranchers$395$17738.3/10
American Family$388$1,6448.3/10

Average Cost of Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa by ZIP Code

The average cost of car insurance changes based on where you live. Some places in a city may have the highest possibility of thefts or accidents, which can increase or lessen your policy coverage rate. Here are the most populated ZIP codes in Tulsa and the approximate average annual cost of auto insurance coverage policy for all age drivers with a clean driving record and good credit, according to our analysis.

ZIP CodesAverage Cost

Average Cost of Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa by Driver Age

Driver age is a major factor for determination of the auto insurance coverage rate. Such as, younger drivers usually have less experience than older drivers, so most of the auto insurance companies claim higher rates. A older driver spend long time on the road for as a result  they have a good driving history more than teen driver, so they pay comparative low rate with good credit scores, than a young driver.

Analysis from the table below could easily find which is the best cheapest auto insurance for you, according to your age. Here’s the average car insurance cost in Tulsa for teen, young and older drivers, according to our January 2024 analysis.

AgeAverage Monthly CostAverage Annually Cost

Cheap car insurance for new drivers under 21

Car insurance is most expensive for teens or new drivers who are under 21. Because new drivers or under 21 are still relatively new to the road, they are the most likely to be in an accident. As a result, the highest coverage rate of accidents among teens drivers means they also have a higher cost for auto insurance.

Some companies offer many options that tend to be more affordable than others. Our insurance analysis team found USAA is the cheapest car insurance company for under 21 drivers with minimum coverage rates as low as $120 per month and $1,442 per year. But it’s not available for everyone, just for military members and their family.

Don’t worry! The second cheapest car issue company in Tulsa is American Farmers & Ranchers that offer many coverage options for all teens drivers with minimum coverage rate $137 per month and $1,643 a year.  In addition Geico, Progressive and others offer cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa for under 21 years old drivers.

According to our January 2024 analysis, here’s what under 21 years old drivers in Tulsa, on average pay for monthly and annually cost.

Company NameAverage Rate for Per MonthAverage Rate for a Year
American Farmers & Ranchers$137$1,643
American Family$273$3,008

Cheapest auto insurance for under 35 years olds

Most of the auto insurance companies offer many cheap coverage options for under 35 years old drivers in Tulsa that’s more less than teens. 35 years is a great age to compare auto insurance rates, as the cheapest provider that you found both in under 25s may be no-longer the best policy.

Auto insurance average rate may be paid for under 35 years old drivers in Tulsa, according to our January analysis report.

Company NameAverage Monthly CostAverage Annually Cost
American Farmers & Ranchers$174$1,995
American Family$215$2,437

Cheapest auto insurance rate for under 65 years old drivers

Typically all the auto insurance companies offer the cheap rate coverage policy for under 65 years old drivers, so you are getting as low as the cheap rate that you want too. However, they will check a clean driving record, most drivers earn in this age with lots of experience on the road and established a good driving history. They have less accident likelihood than younger drivers, as a result—they qualify to get a cheap coverage rate of auto insurance. Below table are the cheapest companies average monthly and annually rate in Tulsa for older drivers, according to our last analysis.

Company NameAverage Monthly CostAverage Annually Cost
American Farmers & Ranchers$175$1,960
American Family$370$4,374

Conclusion of Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa

There is plenty of cheapest auto insurance available in Tulsa, according to what we know from above reviews, comparison and analysis. While car insurance rates in Tulsa city started 42% higher than the Oklahoma state average and 13% more than the national average rate.

Compare cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, to find the best company that meets your Oklahoma car insurance needs at the comfortable rate. You can get auto insurance quotes online or from authorized local agents of the company.