Best free things to do in Toronto 2024

The city of Toronto is a treasure trove of incredible activities. You won’t be able to finish a short time of free things to do in Toronto. There is plenty of incredible nature, beautiful views and walking streets in the city to explore.

Best free things to do in Toronto 2024

Any weather, Here, I have listed many of the great activities to keep you always busy. It’s budget-friendly to learn all about an awesome tour. I hope these give a wonderful tour of free things to do in Toronto.

1. Visit to The Bentway

Beneath the towering Gardiner Expressway lies a beautiful concrete community art space. Visitors can enjoy local art, winter ice skating rinks, dance classes and a variety of events throughout the year.

All activities at The Bentway are free at all times, such as: concerts, community events etc. Also, this place is always open, so that all the visitors can enjoy the current art installation and the wonderful view all year round.

2. Awesome Skyline at Polson Pier

Popular for a different view of the skyline, no one visiting here wants to miss it. View the Polson Pier skyline at night, making for a wonderful sight. This iconic view is unmatched anywhere else like Cherry Beach, so it’s an easy addition to your harbor-free enjoyment.

From here you can see Toronto illuminated and bright in the evening. You also get the option of views of downtown, Lake Ontario, the CN Tower and the Toronto Islands. There are plenty of activities to do, including outdoor seating to pass the time, dining around Polson Pier, visiting the drive-in movie theater on the Cabana Waterfront Patio.

3. Enjoy the ocean at Cherry Beach

Beyond the hustle and bustle of industrial parks and harbors, Toronto’s Cherry Beach offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Cherry Beach is technically within walking distance of downtown as it is located on the edge of town. There are many parking spaces on the beach for those who bring their cars.

While swimming on hot days, this beach has many facilities for visitors, including washrooms, dress changing rooms, boardwalks and picnic areas. You can make holes in the sand with your fingers, draw and watch the windsurfers along the coastline.

4. St. Lawrence Market

Visit St. Lawrence Market for iconic Toronto photos and plenty of inspiring activities. The Toronto market has been in operation since 1803. The indoor and outdoor walls of this market have many historical histories.

You can’t miss the delicious aromas of St. Lawrence Market’s bakeries, restaurants, and food. There are many delicious dishes prepared with ingredients produced by local farmers, which will entice you.

5. Visit the Toronto Sign

If you love taking pictures, you really can’t leave Toronto without taking a selfie in front of the Toronto Sign. It is located in Nathan Phillips Square, right next to Toronto’s City Hall. This iconic sign has been attracting tourists to Toronto for years.

Here, there is also an ice skating rink during the winter season. The Toronto sign is also located near York Street and King Street West.

6. Go for a walk in High Park

There are numerous parks around the city of Toronto, Hi is one park that has it all. The park is located a little away from the city center. It is a huge park, there are so many activities to do here, which cannot be completed in a short time.

There are many things you can do here for free, such as: the amphitheater, exploring the trails, exploring the park, visiting High Park Zoo, packing a picnic, etc. Only, you have to pay to dine at the scenic Grenadier Cafe.

7. Window shop in Yorkville

No matter the budget, want to shop something in Toronto’s high-end fashion district or splurge with a huge price tag – then Window Shop is the perfect place to visit. Rivaling New York City’s fashion district are the impressive window displays and upscale boutiques it’s famous for.

Most fashion designers from around the world consider downtown Toronto as a place of potential for flagships. Don’t forget to take a picture with it to remember your favorite window display!

8. Toronto Harbor Lighthouse

Tommy Thompson Park’s extensive waterfront trails are perfect for an afternoon stroll. The atmosphere and weather there will refresh your tired mind and body from the whole day. At the end of the Waterfront Trail you’ll meet an incredible sight — the Toronto Harbor Lighthouse.

This is a fantastic view of Toronto’s Wonder Lighthouse, which will delight you with its glow at the southern end of the park. There is a wide walking path with a jaunt from Tommy Thompson Park to the Floating Bridge. Here you can see some of the wildlife that calls Toronto home and enjoy stunning views of the urban center across the water. The time spent here really creates a wonderful feeling.

9. Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square is a lively and iconic public space nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. It was named after the former mayor Nathan Phillips. This square serves as a bustling hub for both locals and visitors alike.

The focal point of the square is the striking Toronto City Hall. It is a modern architectural masterpiece that stands tall against the city skyline. The square is surrounded by a mix of shops, restaurants and cultural institutions. It makes a vibrant destination for people of all ages.

During the winter months, the square transforms into a winter wonderland with an expansive skating rink. It is creating a magical atmosphere that draws families and friends to enjoy the seasonal festivities.

Throughout the year, various events with concerts take place on the square, adding to its dynamic and inclusive character. Whether you’re strolling through the vibrant farmer’s market or simply enjoying the urban scenery. Nathan Phillips Square captures the essence of Toronto’s diverse and welcoming spirit.

10. Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are a charming collection of small islands. It is located just a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto, Canada. The Islands nestled in Lake Ontario, these islands offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With sandy beaches, lush greenery and stunning views of the skyline. The Toronto Islands are a popular destination for both locals and tourists seeking a tranquil retreat. Visitors can enjoy exploring the islands on foot or by bicycle. It discovers quaint neighborhoods, picnic spots and scenic pathways.

Centreville Amusement Park on Centre Island provides family-friendly entertainment. while Hanlan’s Point Beach is a favorite spot for sunbathing and swimming. The islands provide a refreshing natural oasis. Them making an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Lake Ontario.


Toronto offers much more activity for free, so keep finding a lot of free sources. Stunning parks, Sunset at Polson Pier or watching a free concert on The Bentway, Downtown Photo Ops, Artwork, Underground Walking, Toronto visit.

Don’t miss these exciting experiences so you don’t have to get out of your wallet every few minutes. Simply pack a lunch and sort your trainers. Get ready to enjoy all the great free things to travel to the largest city in Canada.