Best Beaches in New Jersey for Families

According to NOAA, the best beaches in New Jersey for families are 1792 miles. Over the past years, New Jersey’s attractive beaches have been most of the a special draw for tourists.

The Garden State is home to a most popular spot of the East Coast’s beach towns. Every beach has its own special attraction and different environment that lures visitors.

When traveling by the beach or in a large city, New Jersey’s coasts deliver both. The state’s improved proximity to major cities, such as The Big Apple and Philly, increases the excitement of travelers and makes it easy to access.

Best Beaches in New Jersey for Families

Otherwise, If you like city life but have not gone to the beach yet. So you can last the last day from a week vacation out of one of these coastal communities. Many travelers are thirsty people and have many beach access and events year-round, but most of the beach summertime is the busiest.

1. Brigantine, New Jersey

Brigantine is one of the best beaches in New Jersey for families. It has very beautiful beaches and many water activities for friendly locals. The area now called the City of Brigantine has changed its name and been re-incorporated many times in NJ.

This is boasting a rich history rooted in whaling and it has served as an ancient respite for several Native American tribes. Especially during summer, the town is quite popular with tourists.

Special features

  • You can reach Atlantic City in a matter of minutes by car from here. 
  • Philadelphia is only 1 hour away from here.
  • New York City can be reached within two hours from this picturesque town.
  • It is a family and older man’s friendly place.
  • Soft sand beaches, surf spots and best places to fish catching areas.
  • It’s allowed and has the famous protected dunes that keep this barrier island safe.
  • According to the 2021 census the Brigantine’s population is about 7,669 people.
  • It is reflected in the variety of homes in the town, when you drive on the road around any neighborhood in Brigantine.
  • Beachfront access with some that are older and well for houses.

2. Avalon, NJ

One of the beaches that draws the most visitors each year is Avalon. This town is a popular seaside area in South Jersey. Its slogan is “Cooler by a Mile”. Which refers to the fact that it stands out into the Atlantic Ocean about a mile more than neighboring barrier islands.

Special features

  • Some of the coastal entertainment options in the area surrounding the beach include mini golf, upscale boutiques, ice cream stands, surf shops and coastal restaurants and more attractive spots.
  • Walking distance of the beach are within all sorts of properties in the upscale Avalon neighborhood from waterfront mansions to condominiums.
  • Avalon allows residents to live in a small suburban society, and here most residents owner their own houses.
  • Avalon is known for its prime location on “7-Mile Beach”, which has miles of beaches with white sand and entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • These sands have given fantastic experience for water sports such as boating, kayaking, swimming and surfing.
  • A wide-variety of places to live can be found in Avalon, NJ, making it the best choice for leisure, vacations with families or even by oneself.
  • It has a beautiful place to lay out since a wide choosing option of cozy cottages and homes are available.
  • According to the 2021 census, 1,216 people called it an ideal home.
  • Also, you can get a shopping place in the Avalon downtown area that sells various goods, including books, dress and beach equipment.

3. Cape May, NJ

Cape May is one of the most well-known best beaches in the state of New Jersey. This is a very popular beach for white beaches and blue seas. 

According to the 2021 census to 2834 people in Cap May. The beaches along the Atlantic Ocean at the City wide for two miles and are in great condition for tourists.

Features of the Beach

  • The Cap May beach town is still not big enough to be a close-knit community.
  • People who live in big cities, mostly prefer to come here. Because, it’s a lovely perfect place to escape their everyday lives after the busiest time and a great place to refresh their minds for continuous work.
  • Next the promenade to the beach has candy stores, restaurants, surf shops, arcades. Also, it has other amusements that are available for the whole family.
  • Out of the promenade along the water, you’ll also get necessary goods in the restaurants and shops. Which gives you more chances to visit this beach town.
  • Amenities, such as easy  to car parking, toilets, beach equipment rentals for travel and food, drink bars etc., you can find close to the beaches.
  • The shore is the best place for families with children since the surf is not too intense. There also lifeguards are always present throughout the summer months.
  • It is very attractive to people of all ages and budgets and it promises to complete a delightful fun time outside in the sunshine.

4. Sea Isle City, NJ

Sea Isle City unlike many of the other bustling coastal areas in its vicinity. It is relatively peaceful from another beach and According to the 2021 US Census, 2107 people live here.


  • Tourists of all ages are drawn to this beach city due to its excellent dining options.
  • It is the center home to one of the biggest Polar Bear Plunges on the US East Coast.
  • There is a weekend full of exciting activities for families to participate in every year total February month. Some of these fun activities include a parade, races, a block party, and a swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Especially here it doesn’t have a boardwalk with amusement or shops parks like other beach towns.
  • It is a public sea beach, it has tennis courts, a seasonal public pool, a fishing shop, a playground, a corner store, and a best restaurant.
  • It has an expansive shoreline that is perfect for swimming, wading, and participating in various water fun activities.

5. Wildwood, NJ

Wildwoods is a popular place for vacation. You can make your travel a bit longer by making a permanent home. The beaches are 5 in miles longer, you will find everything a beach town could possibly have to offer.

Features of the Beach

  • There are many European peoples living in the area. Also, some of the first people to live in the Wildwoods were Lenni Lenape people of the Delaware Indian ethnic groups.
  • Especially those who love the beach, the city is always ready to welcome their families.
  • The beach has 3 amusement parks, which offer more than one 100 rides.
  • This coastal retreat brings the best culture, music and architecture of the 1950s to 1960s back to life. All you can do is look at the vintage buildings to see that.
  • This city has upscale eating to visit the world-famous boardwalk and free beaches with white sand to relax on.
  • According to the 2021 Census, it has 5,092 people living there. Their average age of residents was their mid-40s, but the place is suitable for younger families and retirees.
  • The Wildwoods beach area also hosts 160 festival events per year that offer something of interest to everyone.

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6. Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City has several parks, cafes, and dining options. As of the 2021 census, the municipality has a population of 11,190. It is home to a diverse collection of families or individuals, including many retirees.

Attractions and Amenities

  • One of the best things to do in town is visiting the wooden boardwalk, set along the sand.
  • The beach community is renowned for its  8-miles of beautiful beaches.
  • The town showcases lots of room for building stunning sandcastles and a lengthy shoreline along. Where visitors may enjoy swimming in the surf.
  • Up on the sand, there are kiosks, where anyone can rent beach chairs and umbrellas.
  • There are also active lifeguard positions in the area.
  • Beginning the week after mid-June and continuing until the week before September.
  • Lifeguards patrol beaches most of the time to avoid any unexpected.

7. Long Beach Island, NJ

Long Beach Island, despite its small size, is about 18-miles long and roughly half a mile broad. The beach is a best choice for living or summer vacationing as an alternative to other places in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

Attractions and Features

  • Since 1690, people have lived on Long Beach Island.
  • This town has a permanent living of roughly 8,556 people, according to the Census of 2000.
  • The summer seasons, the beach population ranges from 150,000 – 200,000 people.
  • It is one of the best tourist destinations due to the abundance of sightseeing. 
  • It is a beautiful beach and famous for white sand.
  • Long Beach Island is a quieter part of the Jersey Shore that requires high-range hotels for rest and crowded boardwalks.
  • You can take on the peaceful beaches easy to it, everywhere ride your bike and enjoy fun things to activities like racket sports, swimming, sailing, fishing and more others.

8. Stone Harbor, NJ

Stone Harbor is a perfect place for immersing yourself in the rural scene. Visitors return each year to the place for its less crowded, nice looking white sand beaches. According to the population of 787 people as of the 2021 census living in Stone Harbor.

Features and Attractions

  • First of all, the area was developed in the latter part of the 19th century. It is one of the best resort towns along the way used by the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad.
  • In this town people have the best opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed way of life.
  • There have been a variety of fantastic neighbors, entertainment and educational opportunities.
  • It has always been a favorite for the community of Philadelphia’s affluent citizens, who seek a second home for a vacation.
  • The beaches always have lifeguards petrol to keep people safe.
  • You can do things like swim, kayak,  sail, surf and participate in various activities other than water sports.
  • In this town visitors and permanent residents can easily relax and enjoy the areas.
  • There are many boutique shops, cobbled streets, pristine beaches, and excellent dining options.
  • In New Jersey, despite having more than 12 beautiful beach towns, it is one of the most low-key beach communities in the state.

9. Ocean Grove, NJ

Ocean Grove is known as a vacation town next to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a famous beach town for beautiful ocean views and charming Victorian homes. Ocean Grove’s population is 3,051 people as of the 2020 census.

Special Features and Attractions

  • The city is a popular place during the summer season for out of state visitors and new New Jersey permanent residents because of its proximity to both Philadelphia and New York City.
  • Every year, all the remarkable events and festival programs — beginning in May first week and continuing to the end of September.
  • Hundreds of tents are set up around the Great Hall, known as “Tent City”.
  • There is a Great Auditorium in this beach town that is popularly known as “God’s Square Mile”. It is a wooden auditorium that offers choral performances and Sunday worship services.
  • With beautiful cottages and charming village houses, you will feel that they carry on the traditions of the 1950s.
  • There are no clubs, bars, DJ party centers, pubs or other places to go out at night. This area is quiet and an excellent place to live for families with kids.
  • The beach is an excellent place to live with families, because it has a long boardwalk and spots to play shuffleboard and tennis balls.
  • Ice-cream stores, best restaurants for serving hot breakfast and gift stores are found around the quaint downtown area.
  • You can go to this beach every day of the year, It is a great spot to relax by the sunlight or go for a walk in the winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What beach is most kid-friendly New Jersey?

When it comes to fun in the sun with your little ones, New Jersey offers a bunch of beautiful beaches. But if you’re hunting for a spot that’s especially great for kids. So, you can see Ocean City.

What are the best beach towns to live in NJ?

Many people dream of living by the beach in New Jersey. There are some towns that stand out for folks looking to settle in a sea-side spot. It’s got that small-town charm mixed with beautiful beaches.

Another great pick is Asbury Park. It’s got a lively vibe with a cool great scene and lots of events happening year-round. Both these towns offer that beachy lifestyle with a dash of community spirit that makes them really appealing places to call home.

What is the most beautiful town in NJ?

Picking the most beautiful town in New Jersey is tough—they all have their charm! But if we’re talking about picturesque places, Cape May often takes the cake. It’s like a storybook with its Victorian houses painted in pretty pastels lining the streets. Also, there’s the beach with its soft white sands and those breathtaking sunsets that make it feel like a painting come to life. Cape May’s got this elegant, old-fashioned beauty that’s hard to beat.

Which New Jersey beach has a boardwalk?

If you’re looking for a New Jersey beach with a classic boardwalk experience, you can look at Point Pleasant Beach. It’s got this awesome boardwalk that’s buzzing with energy. You’ll find shops selling everything from souvenirs to ice cream.

There are games and rides that’ll keep you entertained for hours. Plus, there are plenty of spots to grab a tasty bite to eat while enjoying the ocean view. Point Pleasant Beach’s boardwalk is like a lively street right by the sea. It is packed with fun things to do for everyone.