How to visit the Statue of Liberty with Secret Tips

One of the most common tours for New York City, is visiting the “Statue of Liberty” is an exceptional experience. The Statue of Liberty tour is a between the popular attractions in the United States. It is an iconic landmark of the US.

The Statue of Liberty is 152 feet tall from the base to the tip. This historical memorial attracts tourists from all above the world with its size and strong symbolism.

Here, formerly revered as the huge greeting, there is a large amount to experience. But how can you get the best of your tour without the actual step by step by guide?

Especially to explain one of the most popular attractions of the world that resides nearest another great attraction “Ellis Island” is typically durable. Especially in the summer season, when visiting the Statue of Liberty, it takes a long time to wait for the ferry.

But these unique tips include “How to visit the Statue of Liberty”. So, You can follow travel tricks to save your time and make the most of your visit to the Statue of Liberty.

How to Visit the Statue of Liberty?

We will here discuss the all over experience at the Statue of Liberty for a short time. It is very important to think about the best time and “How to visit the Statue of Liberty”. The memorial has 2 islands, one is “Liberty Island”, where the statue is located and another is “Ellis Island ”.

The only way to travel to the monument is by ferry operated by a company authorized by the National Park Services. There are two embarkation tips of the ferry to one in Manhattan and the 2nd in New Jersey. 

1. Best time to visit Statue of Liberty

If you want to skip a long queue and are curious to see and know about the Statue without interruption. So, choose the Winter and Autumn season to visit the Statue of Liberty.

Also, consider traveling weekday mornings for shorter lines and less populous. It is the best time to tour the Statue of Liberty. This is one of the great tips to visit the Statue of Liberty.

2. Pre-book the Statue of Liberty Tickets

According to your travel time, booking your tickets in advance is the easy way to save time and avoid crowds. Being one of New York City’s most popular attractions, there remains to be long lines for the ferry to Liberty Island.

Now, you can skip the ticket line and head way to safety, because, if you pre-book the tickets. The tickets are time-sensitive, so ensure to buy the right ticket for your travel and keep in mind the 24 hour cancellation/reschedule option, if you need so. 

3. Take more time for quintessential travel

If you want to get more experience on your trip. I’d recommend you visit both popular attractions of the Island – the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Take at least 7-8 hours from day to time. Also, consider to come 1 hour – 1:30 minutes earlier to ensure timely arrival and don’t miss the ferry. 

4. Enjoy a Picnic

There are a lot of places for making a picnic among blue water and cold air on Liberty Island. There you should go with enough time and book a ticket to skip the long lines, that will save your ticket buying time. So, that you can spend your time enjoying the beauty of NYC from this place.

5. Take a Protection

If you want to properly enjoy the tour, take a right sun protection before. It is an ideal trip to visit the Statue of Liberty. The weather at Liberty Island is warm and bright. There isn’t enough shade to prevent sun and even the air of the ferry.

Which can easily get you sunburn. You should bring a water bottle, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and cap etc. to visit to Statue’s Crown journey. There is no climate command in-side the Statue, so it can be typically somewhat warm inside the monument or probably you have to wear a hoodie in winter. 

6. See the Statue of Liberty Crown

Liberty Island is fully accessible. If you want part by part to see the Statue’s crown, there are some steps for will take you to various parts of the Statue. With 16 steps leading into the crowd, totally146 steps up a turning staircase and another 44 steps will take you to the dual curl staircase.

You will need a reservation to see the crown. So make sure to take preservation when booking  Liberty Island tickets. Once you reach the top, you would not be able to get the decision on the place.

7. Visit main torch of the Statue of Liberty

Those who take only pedestal and crown access tickets, they can visit the Statue of Liberty Museum. This gives them an opportunity to see the original torch of the Statue. The museum is not very large, but this provides nice things to get insight into the Statue of Liberty history. Also, it offers excitement of experience around. So don’t miss the chance to see the main torch of the Statue of Liberty. Make sure the tickets include crown access to visit the museum.

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Ferry to Statue of Liberty Visit Secret Tips

If you are in New York then you can view the Statue of Liberty Free of cost. You can also get an awesome ferry ride free of cost. Anyone, tourists, visitors, local citizens can use the ferry without paying even one cent or dollar.

The Staten Island Ferry Terminal (Free of Cost)

Little known secret is that you can use the Staten Island Ferry to see Statue of Liberty. This ferry is absolutely free from both sides.

You can get the ferry from Whitehall ferry terminal in Manhattan. All you need to do is to Whitehall ST using any subway line be it N/R/W.

You can choose your own timings as the ferry departs every now and then and it takes only 25 minutes from one end to another. And on this way to you can see the “Statue of Liberty”.

Staten Island Ferry Route, which takes 25 minutes. Can you notice Liberty Island on the way to the right? Do not forget to take the right hand side seat when departing from Manhattan to ST George.

When you are coming back to Manhattan, then please take a seat on the left side of the ferry. The ferry is huge in size and takes thousands of people across the ends.

Finally, If you will take these tips to advantage to visit the Statue of Liberty. And these tips and tricks will save your time and allow you to get more than expected experience. Before planning your travel and browsing “How to visit the Statue of Liberty” will help with the appropriate plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go inside the Statue of Liberty?

Visitors to the Statue of Liberty can enter the pedestal and the crown. Access to other parts of the statue’s interior is restricted. But, If you want to see the statue’s crown, there are a few steps for will take you to various parts of the Statue of Liberty.

Can you go inside and see original the statue of liberty torch?

Entry do not allow visitors inside the actual torch the Statue of Liberty. But, The Statue of Liberty Museum gives them an option to see the original torch of the Statue. The museum provides nice things to get insight into the Statue of Liberty history.

How to get to Statue of Liberty?

To get to the Statue of Liberty, you’ll need to plan your trip to Liberty Island, where the statue is located. First of all, arrive in New York City. After, from Manhattan (Battery Park),  If you are from New Jersey then from Liberty State Park to purchase a ticket from here to board the Ferry. And go to visit Liberty Island.

How to get to Statue of Liberty by other way?

If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty by subway, you will go to Battery Park in Manhattan. There is a departure point for ferries to the statue by subway.

How to go Statue of Liberty from Manhattan Point?

To get to the Statue of Liberty from Manhattan, you will typically take a ferry from Battery Park.