Israeli Forces Search the Gaza Hospital Complexs

The 188th Armored Brigade is moving forward with plans for a ground operation in Gaza by Israeli troops. They have already discovered the bodies of two hostages. They are now searching for more of that as a furious search continues around Al Shifa Hospital. Gaza’s largest Israeli troops said they found a tunnel and multiple arms caches.

Today, morning the Israeli military said it has recovered the body of a second hostage near Gaza’s largest hospital 19-years old Corporal Noah Marciano. The news came hours after Israel said it had found the body of another hostage. Taken by Hamas 65-years-old grandmother Yehudit Weiss.

That is Israel begins the third day of what it’s calling a targeted search of Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital with thousands of Palestinians sheltering inside. The Israeli military released this video saying it shows a Hamas tunnel shaft then revealing how close. It is to the hospital troops also showing it to the hospital troops also showing this small Arsenal. The soldier lifts the trap and this is where they choose to hide everything.

Hamas has made it clear that it operates a command center in its hospital. But overnight Secretary of State Anthony blinkin tells our David mure that the US is confident there are Hamas tunnels under the hospital. What we know based on information we have as well as information that the Israelis have is that this has been the practice of Hamas to use these civilian infrastructure inside.

Israeli Forces Search the Gaza Hospital Complexs

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The World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that, due to the continued attacks by the Israeli forces, Gaza is now facing a dire humanitarian crisis. Than half of all hospitals in Gaza are no longer functioning, those that are still open overflowing with the wounded and forced to work with dwindling supplies.

One of the hospitals in the South sent us these new images and videos showing displaced Palestinians waving those ID cards to Israeli troops making their way to Southern Gaza. On broken roads past splintered trees and the ruins of residential neighborhoods Israel dropped leaflets Wednesday in southern Gaza. Where the Israeli forces are forcing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians to flee from certain areas from the north.

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Signaling that its ground offensive May expand south to understand the Palestinians who are in the South. where it’s been bombed no longer feel safe listening to the Israeli military. Because even in the South the place it’s supposed to be safer is apparently not so it is safer. It is also the area we’re bringing to allow and pushing more and more humanitarian Aid to come to us.

Israeli sources told us that negotiations for a hostage deal are still going strong. But we understand there is a disagreement inside Israel’s defense cabinet. A section of the cabinet demanded to accept a ceasefire agreement for about 50 hostage women and children. Another portion is saying they have to wait for all of the women and the children. And their male family members had about 80 hostages.