Best things to do in Virginia Beach with Kids

The Virginia Beach town is a perennial retreat for both East Coast families and tourists. The Virginia beach has provided travelers, locals and visiting families with kids of endless entertainment, both near the beach shore and off.

The length of this stretch of sand always offers a beautiful feeling spot with your towels and beach umbrellas, even during peak summer season. But this coastal place has so much more to enjoy. There’re many things to do in Virginia Beach with kids on a family vacation.

Best things to do in Virginia Beach with Kids

1. Watch Some Surfing

If you visit in Virginia Beach the weekend before Labor Day, there’s a start down to the “OG ” surfers catching a few heats from the East Coast Surfing Championship showing their suffering.

That can things to do

  • You can participate in the game with your family, it is a fun time.
  • You can sit on the sand and watch the boat masters weave, which will make you curious for a while.
  • Enjoy bobs on the ocean waves, which make for a cool day.
  • Various competitions are organized here, anyone can participate if they want.
  • The places surrounding it are filled with fun activities shopping, food booths and plenty of spots to play.
  • They created a giant beach pool this year.

2. Try Oysters Fresh from the Water

If you want the pleasure of visiting an oyster farm, you will definitely go to visit eco-friendly Pleasure House Oysters.

  • It’s a fun boat ride out into the East Coast where there are literally oyster farms!
  • You may test drive fresh oysters straight from the boat.
  • Also learn about the bay and the ecosystem surrounding the oysters farming scheme. It’s a very tasty and educational tour!

3. Cape Henry Lighthouse

The CHL (Cape Henry Lighthouse) was one of the federally funded public works construction projects in the very beginning of the U.S. ‘s setting up. It’s overseen by Alexander Hamilton and authorized by George Washington!

  • If you have been to Washington DC, you may have known that many famous people have historical buildings with Aquia sandstone.
  • It’s the same building of material that made the famous Cape Henry Lighthouse.
  • You can visit the top of the lighthouse with your family.
  • Here for safety, children under 42″ (inches) tall are unable to during, because kids are not able to step up the stairs. 
  • If the temperature in the lighthouse rises over 125° degrees, they won’t allow tourist entry for safety.
  • If you want to teach American history to your children, I do, there is an important fact.                                                                                                 

4. Cool Eco Carts Tour

Eco Carts look like beefed up golf carts. Which they basically follow street legal versions to make in reality.

  • ECO Carts is one of the cool ways to get around Virginia Beach without the hassle of driving a car.
  • It is not only for fun, who doesn’t like driving a golf cart? This offers for driving on roads to a speed limit of 35 MPH or less.
  • It is really very fun and an amazing tour.

5. Stroll on the Boardwalk

Many people like to walk on the open beach boardwalk and Virginia Beach is a beautiful spot for. It’s completely free to stroll along and check out movies like the famous Neptune statue. but my favorite things to do in Virginia beach is wait until sunset and enjoy the atmosphere and fresh breeze.

  • The Virginia Beach Boardwalk length of three miles, from two to fourteenth Street.
  • There are separate lanes for bike lovers, so you can bike ride or even rollerblade with the ocean at specific lanes.
  • There are several attractions and restaurants along the boardwalk, They offer a variety of delicious seafood dishes.
  • It hosts many entertainment events at the oceanfront stages in the summer.

6. The Children’s Museum of Virginia

Teaching children through play is always a good idea at times and the Museum is a great place to do just that.

  • The Children’s Museum of Virginia is the largest kids’s museum in the state.
  • It’s far 20 miles from the beach itself in Portsmouth, It’s definitely most worth the tour.
  • Rides include an antique train and toy collection, a business port replica, a planetarium and dozens of hands-on exhibits.
  • The museum is open 4 days a week (Wednesday to Sunday) and Now it requires advanced ticket purchases.

7. Hunt Club Farm

Kids always love to feed animals. If you have children, you can visit the feed some farm cuties at Hunt Club Farm. You will really enjoy the farm.

  • There are several different barns and stations on the farm. 
  • Where you can pet the animals, feed them, can introduce children to them and even sit and enjoy their company.
  • The TreeWalk Adventure gives amazing feelings, those panoramic views of the land and some added farm cuties.
  • Also, they have an aviary, where you can feed birds and pony rides for the kids.

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8. Mount Trashmore Park

Mount Trashmore Park is the sister park of Haginodai Park in Japan. It’s the first landfill park in America.

  • It is one of the best places to go for hiking, walking and a test of extra energy.
  • The Mount Trashmore Park is 156 acres total of two artificial mountains and lakes, vert ramp, a skate park and two big playgrounds.
  • The park has a variety of picnic shelters, including large, medium and mini-shelters. All offer charcoal grills and plenty of place to choose from.
  • There’s no shortage of space here to cook, you can make a dig into homemade feast. Mount Trashmore is now 60 feet in length and 800 feet long; you can enjoy unbeatable views of the city while eating. 
  • With the elevation possibilities at the park makes the perfect place to fly a kite. On a breezy day, you can see the kites flying over up the hill from a ways away. Let kids fly kites, they like it very much.

9. Marine Animals Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is one of the best attractions to visit in Virginia Beach.

  • Where it has an indoor and outdoor attraction, it’s filled up with marine and aquatic animals.
  • It has cool animals like a talking crow named Russell.
  • Here, you can sit in several of the larger rooms and watch the gigantic tanks filled with sea animals, every tank is very peaceful.
  • Every eight and older can upgrade your experience with a behind-the-scenes focus on komodo dragons, sharks or sea turtles.

10. Ocean Breeze Waterpark enjoy with families

If your family likes water kingdom parks, Ocean Breeze Waterpark is a great place to enjoy the day.

  • The park offers 30+ rides and slides. 
  • It has plenty of freebies including parking, tubes and sunscreen in case.
  • The park is everything’s outdoors, so keep that in mind when planning your visit.
  • For the childrens, there are a couple of dedicated areas including the Little Amazon and Hook’s Lagoon.
  • It is a summer seasonal waterpark that is generally open during the warm season.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Chris brown coming to Virginia beach?

I heard a buzz around town about Chris Brown coming to Virginia Beach. But the exact date seems to be a bit elusive at the moment. Folks are excited and eagerly waiting for the announcement to catch the R&B sensation live. Keep an eye on local event listings, ticket websites or Chris Brown’s official social media pages for the most up-to-date information. It’s bound to be a great show and fans in Virginia Beach.

How far is Norfolk from Virginia beach?

Norfolk and Virginia Beach are neighboring cities in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The distance between them is approximately 18 miles. The drive usually takes around 25 to 30 minutes depending on traffic conditions.